Seething intolerance of poor service

2013 has started well speaking at a great conference organised by the global giant: Stored Value Solutions - the gift card, loyalty and pre-paid card specialists. I love working for visionary companies who champion excellence and celebrate industry-wide innovation....there was much talk at the conference about the 'digital wallet' and associated customer behavioural changes - love it!
Steve Bradbery International VP for product solutions was kind enough to drop me a note thanking me for my lecture and I thought I'd start the year with his comments:

 “The measure of a successful conference is for the audience to go back to work and act on what they have learnd – to change. I defy anyone not to have seen Martin Butler and change something about their approach to business.
Martin’s passion is infectious, reminding us what we love about business and challenging the audience to be as good as they should be. His message is as effective for the CEO as it is to the staff on the shop floor. He has an engaging, humorous style but bubbling under the surface is a seething intolerance of poor service and a clear understanding of where that responsibility lies.
Not only will Martin be good for your business but he is a rare breed of speaker that you can see over again to reinforce those core essentials of business which we forget at our peril.”

Thanks Steve and the worldwide team at SVS.

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