Chasing down customer obsessed organisations

Sorry, I've been out of the loop for the last twelve months or so...I've been traveling the world researching for my new book on what it takes to be a truly customer obsessive organisation.
On my last trip alone I had an unbelievable interview on the West Coast of America with a truly rare breed - a banker who totally 'gets' customers - yep a banker.... can't wait put him in my new book. Spoke to a global hotel chain in the Mid-West with an incredible 100% customer satisfaction guarantee and touched base in Dallas with the relatively new boss of Neiman Marcus who's bringing Silicon Valley brain power to this revered, customer-focused brand. Learned a lot from one of Americas largest health care operators about the deeper meaning of 'care' and it's delivery as well as a fascinating insight into the growing movement of Conscious Capitalism from the unbelievable Container Store chain. Spoke to Macys in NYC about how it continues to thrive with world-class transformational leadership and sipped wine with one of the bosses of the global phenomenon, the celebrated food shop/restaurant chain, Eataly.

To all those interviews I haven't mentioned please forgive me - the keyboard now calls if I'm to meet my publication date of beginning 2016.


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