So special you can only dream about it!

FA cup final sleepover Wembley stadium box. Metro newspaper photograph.
The UK's FA Cup....the oldest domestic football rivalry and one of the most famous football competitions in the world has always been the stuff of dreams. Minnows slaying giants. Huge premier league sides bursting at the seams with international talent inexplicably loosing to local club sides...for some reason upsets happen all the time and with their parents, children all over Britain can't get enough of this magical football competition.

How visionary and how different was it when the Football Association gave winning youngsters all over Britain the opportunity to sleep with the actual FA cup as part of this nationwide competition.

But now this initiative has been taken to the next level.

On the eve of the impossibly exciting 2014 final one lucky winning family won the chance to sleepover with the FA cup at the hallowed Wembley stadium in one of the executive boxes.

For wide-eyed football fans it doesn't get much better than that. 

And of course winning something money can't buy is always a wonderful experience. It speaks loudly and eloquently to feeling very special. In fact, it elevates an experience to a memory. And that's where commercial success is so often found. The really great businesses consciously go out of their way to create memories for their customers, not just transactions. Some last a lifetime, other memories are considerably shorter.

So what imperatives do you have embedded in your business to help create memories? Because the businesses delivering memorable experiences are the ones being chosen by more people, more often...

...and that's worth remembering!