Curating not choice

Curating is the new buzz word for winning and keeping it happens, it's always been this way but now businesses have finally understood how people feel about choice. Customers want someone to have done all the hard work for them, they want to be informed and surprised ...and they want life to be as easy as possible.

And as I was reading a fabulous end-of-the-year article from Lucy Kellaway in the UK's FT newspaper I was struck just how different blogging is from journalism...I loved it. Packed full of information and insight, someone had crafted a story and turned it into a thought piece. Relevant, succinct, entertaining and gift wrapped in a cogent point of view.

I guess great newspapers (and I use great in its true sense) are great news curators, not just great news editors - and long may that be. You could argue blogging is the 'big data' of information and we all know how useful that is without a boffin to interpret what's hidden in the detail.

The death of newspapers....nahhhh. Maybe just a little less ink on readers' fingers....keep it up Lucy.