Future of retail - give them a reason or they'll make it themselves

If Rolls-Royce are talking about making bits of their jet engines with 3D printers because it'll save time, eventually save money and undoubtedly work just as well, think whats over the horizon for the planet in general and shop keepers in particular!
Another great article from the FT highlights where 3D printing is heading...please click through... and in case you are like me struggling to understand how it all works, think about how bones grow and repair and it kinda becomes clearer. (or not!)

But once you've got the thought of criminals printing their own guns without serial numbers out of your heads just consider the implications for ordinary people wanting ordinary things. Just think if you're an ordinary retailer selling ordinary bit-and-bobs at great prices....then ask yourself what am I doing to make sure customers will still buy from me when they can get something printed at home or in a 3D print brokerage....or more credibly direct from the brand - and hey, it strikes me that many of the world's most impressive retailers are brand-owned flagships already....think Apple, Zara, Nike ....and the FT hints that sports shoes can already be 3D printed.

Sure it all sounds far-fetched but so did the internet just a generation ago and look how many paradigms that's shifted.

Even if you don't agree with the 3D threat, its a great 'sense-check' to see how your business stands up - food shops can ignore this challenge - I think!

To be chosen it's always best to get emotional with customers because people prefer to buy and come back to people they know, trust and like....so what are you waiting for the clocks ticking - guess how it was made!