Sensory marketing - it makes perfect sense.

We all know it's going on but few of us really think about sensory marketing. It's one of the key tools in a marketer's armoury to persuade us; to get us to choose and prefer their products. It's a fascinating 'dark art' and arguably one of the last, legal, unfair advantages a business can enjoy.
If you're interested in the cutting edge of this scientific and emotion-laden approach to selling (and you should be), please click through to a brilliant article in the UK's FT's common sense, and therefore makes perfect sense, but you gotta love the way professors, scientists and marketing men are 'as one' around the world in trying to persuade us, subconsciously, to choose their products - did you realise how important the spray sound of an aerosol might be?

And if you're really interested in exploring the sensory spectrum click through to 'Humans have a lot more than 5 senses' by Daven Hiskey...this too, is fascinating.