Jon Bird - a unique retail talent

Jon Bird is a renowned student of global retailing and a wonderfully talented creative hotshot from Sydney. And when those two talents collide you know you're going to enjoy listening to him and learn a lot! He is a thought provoking and fascinating blogger too. I had the pleasure of working with Jon for part of my recent world lecture tour and he was kind enough to send me a note which included the following:

"Martin Butler is that rare breed – both an entertainer and an educator. No-one 'works a room' like Martin; I have had the pleasure of seeing him present on many occasions, and he instantly has the audience relaxed and 'on-side' and often has them in stitches (humour is a powerful tool).  Martin is equally at home in a boardroom or a conference room, and I have seen him enthral an audience of a dozen as easily as he captivates a crowd of 850. But the 'show' is just a means to an end. Martin is passionate about retail and genuinely wants the audience to 'geddit' (as he puts it); to understand what is at the heart of  'The Art of Being Chosen' in retail and then take that knowledge to make a difference in their businesses. I thoroughly recommend Martin to anyone considering a conference or change program within a retail business." 

Thanks Jon.....