'Both sides of the till' - Jon Stine, Cisco

The great thing about speaking around the world is you share the stage with some really great business 'minds'....and Jon Stine, Director, Internet Business Solutions Group at Cisco Systems Inc is truly world-class. Described as operating 'at the intersection of business and technology', few people on the planet know more about how retailers can win in an increasingly digitised environment. If you can't get to hear him in person, do follow his blog. Absolutely fascinating!

I lectured along side Jon in Australia before moving onto New Zealand and South Africa .....and he was kind enough to drop me a note about my presentations:

"When Martin Butler addresses his audiences it’s not a presentation as much as an interaction – a high-energy sharing of real-life stories and insight, gleaned from years of experience, and expressed with wit and humor, that immerses audiences in the lessons of high-performance retailing. Martin knows the store from 'both sides of the till'.  He knows what makes a store work (or not). And best of all, he knows how to communicate it in a way that delights, inspires, and is remembered."

Love your description of 'both sides of the till' Jon....hope we can work together again soon. Thank you for taking the time to write to me.