It's the difference that makes the difference.

Dr Mike Lamont
People, customers, friends are always drawn to something special - it's human nature..... and without getting too deep, I've lost count how many times I challenge my audiences to do things differently, do something different for the sake of difference. For me it is the very genesis of business success and maybe personal success too! Certainly it's a common thread that runs through the world's most successful retailers. And this is why I was so delighted to receive this endorsement for my book 'The art of being chosen' from Dr Mike Lamont, senior lecturer in the department of business management, Stellenbosch University, Cape Town:
"Years ago as a student I read Warren Buffet’s tribute to Benjamin Graham and was truly inspired. After reading Martin Butler’s book I am again inspired by people who have planted trees so that others can sit under them. Benjamin Graham’s philosophy was to do something foolish, something creative and something generous every day. The giants of retail certainly did that”