Samsung moves into global fast fashion - what!

Through its affliliate, Cheil Industries, Samsung, the phenomenally successful electronics giant from South Korea, has plans to open 300 value-fashion stores by 2015. With a grand ambition to move into global fast-fashion, taking on the likes of ZARA and HM through its own brand: '8 seconds', it would be a brave person who'd bet against them - look at the bite Samsung has taken out of the Apple 'monopoly' or how it's turned up the volume on Sony's lack of innovation recently. There's an energy and drive in the business that seems to recognise no barriers....'quality' fast-fashion value retail has come of age during the economic turmoil and I believe is here to stay BIG time. So providing they have a differentiated brand strategy and world-beating designers, they could very easily upset the world-order of value fashion retailing.

As Samsung's hyperbolic blurb preens out loud: “8 Seconds” reflects Cheil Industries’ ambition and goal to respond to the needs and wants of consumers’ rapidly changing lifestyles and fashion trends, generating and catering to the demands of latest fashion trends.

Japanese educator Makoto Shichida discovered that it takes 8 Seconds for people to realise their new present situation as well as become acquainted with new people. The company intends to captivate consumers’ minds and attention with its design and products in just eight seconds.

The Arabic numeral ‘8,’ when laid sideways, becomes a symbol for infinity (∞). This possesses the brand’s ambition to reveal its wearers’ infinite potential and charm.

Mainly targeting a youthful audience in their 20s and 30s, 8 Seconds will feature products in five main categories: men’s wear, women’s wear, denim collection, lounge wear, and fashion accessories.

An interesting name (though I'm sure I've seen evidence that talks of fractions of a second!) and a huge bit of luck about the infinity connection (if a bit cheesy) ....but I'd keep a watchful eye on this business....I love what Samsung has, and is doing in the name of its global customers!