Amazon - a master class in emotional precision, relentless relevance and ruthless common sense

As I've implored all those listening to my lectures and conference addresses, Amazon will become the business that keeps the world's business leaders awake at night.

From Wal-Mart to HSBC, fashion to food, utilities to transport, Amazon is surely lining up a whole bunch of business sectors to revolutionise. With a grand ambition to be the most customer-centric business on the planet, (and they're not far from it right now, having last year been voted again, the world's favourite retailer - OCC 2011 research) they're giving the sectors they touch a master-class in emotional precision, relentless relevance and ruthless common sense....three of my key ingredients to 'proper' customer-centricity.

Click through to another fascinating article from Stephanie Clifford in The New York Times and read how Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon, is ready to move on from commodity retailing and into high margin retail. We all knew it wouldn't take Amazon long to feel they were ready to address the fundamental truism of their business model: that it takes the same distribution costs to service a $10 book as it does a $10,000 dress....and whilst this may not be strictly accurate, with their scale, it's as accurate an insight as makes no difference.

And then, as a customer, just cast your eye around your 'life' and think who else could serve 'me' much, much better.....whether it be banking or petrol forecourts, airlines, car sales, retailers, energy, whatever..... and it's a fair bet that Bezos and his team are doing exactly the same thing.

A nightmare for any business with sloppy, bureaucratic and indifferent customer service but a dream for customers who enjoy being served gotta love the ambition!