Personalise, personalise, personalise - simple!

Another great example of 'modern retailing' has been exposed by Jon Bird - one of Australia's top creative minds and celebrated retail expert. Writing in the new and fascinating blog: InsideRetail - Asia, he talks about 'Mashops' and then goes on to show a wonderful retailing initiative from 77Kids by American Eagle on Times Square, NYC. Click through to read and view .

The 77Kids example is an outstanding piece of modern retailing - just marvel at the everlasting impact it'll have on those who use it or simply talk about it...envy the brand building this relatively simple piece of technology delivers ...and then ask, why aren't we doing something like this to engage and be chosen by our customers?

It's a simple understanding: emotional precision is the future of retail and it's only achieved through relentless relevance - in short, its about true personalisation and customisation wherever possible. Amazon has become the world's favourite retailer by embracing this simple thought....think about the company's incredible 'pick-up' lockers that are tailored and designed to suit your life, on your terms!

Maybe it's time to rethink 'location, location, location' because digital has seen the death of distance - winners are challenging every aspect of received retailing wisdom whenever they bump into it these days!