Pre-brain defence, or simply smart communications?

A great buddy of mine in Australia, Jurek Leon, spends most of his time helping retailers maximise their footfall - he also writes a fantastic newsletter/blog too. Click below and have a glance at Jurek's recent posting featuring a You Tube clip about Neuro-marketing's role in creating more effective sales for the frozen foods giant, Birdseye. It's from an Australia panel show called The Gruen Transfer: the particular clip is Ad Crunch: Neuro-Marketing

Some cheesy bon mots and well rehearsed retorts but a fascinating 6 minutes given over to understanding the way advertising and communication research has been heading.

Click here to view the relevant You Tube clip.

If you enjoy this sort of thing, and I love it, please make sure you also click through to one of the most fascinating companies I've ever worked with: Mountainview's rather prosaic self description is: Teaching brain science to business ( thats what you get when Phd's write strap lines)....but you don't need to be a brain surgeon to realise why they're so successful. Thomas Bayne is the boss and if you ever get the chance, ask him about some of the unbelievable insights and techniques his company has developed!