Honest bank. Wake-up: smell the coffee!

At last a bank talking openly about honesty. Please take a couple of minutes to have a look at this infomercial/ad/social observation...or whatever it is! I saw it recently in a TV ad break in Perth, Western Australia whilst on a lecture tour - it's from one of the more progressive, more customer centric Australian banks: NAB. And I like what it's saying.

I particularly like the imperative it sets the bank's workforce...and I applaud its bravery. They've certainly gone out on a limb and risked possible ignominy by cosying-up to 'honesty'. Which is a good deal more than can be said for their peers in the lending/overdraft/mortgage departments of banks around the world, they're simply not 'doing' risk at any cost, no matter how honest you are!  
Interestingly, in a kinda Phd research-agenda-way, they have even taken the honesty issue to another level by being rude to customers and treating them with a total lack of respect to see if it impacts honesty....now honestly, where would they get an idea like that?

But seriously, I'm delighted to see a bank 'walking the talk' on honesty and I wish NAB well - though to be honest, I was a tad underwhelmed by the pay-off to this piece of communication.

...oh and just another thought. If a current account sat languishing with a generous credit, would any bank contact that customer and suggest they move their money across to a higher interest account. Because I always espouse that successful businesses give 'a little of today for a lot of tomorrow'. 

Honest answers and comments only please!


  1. Yeah well Martin its a nice little piece of social revelation by the NAB but it really hasn't changed my mind about how honest banks are... but we do know that customers of coffee carts are honest!

    It would be nice if the bank listed out some of the areas they will be honest about in future... although even then would we believe them?


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