"...a fine piece of Emotional Precision skillfully harnessing the power of social networking ensuring Tienda Inglesa is 'being chosen' in Uruguay!

Over the years I have judged thousands of entries for marketing awards...some have been truly brilliant, some not so brilliant. But earlier this year I judged an outstanding entry from a advertising and marketing agency in Uruguay called Amen. Nancho Vallejo, boss of the company kindly allowed me to post the Fathers Day commercial he created for one of his clients: Tienda Inglesa ....he even integrated a behind the scenes explanation of how the advertisment was created.

Do take the trouble to watch this 2 minute informative video clip - for me it eloquently speaks to something I call 'Emotional Precision'. This is a mindset and process I believe any successful business leader must ensure their company adopts if they are to be chosen by today's customers - especially those in highly competitive arenas. For me, this fine example of communication is a particular type of Emotional Precision that acknowledges a customer's love of having something unique, something different, something personal, while also enjoying the prestige and values of an umbrella brand - it's often referred to as mass-customisation.

This particular communication not only chimes perfectly with what customers love, it has at its heart, a brilliant 'new-media' element that effortlessly magnifies the whole effect of the campaign - I love it!

To the boss of Tienda Inglesa and Nacho, boss of Amen, I salute you and your teams on a truly outstanding piece of relevant, modern communication - it richly deserves the huge success it has enjoyed.

I would have loved any one of my four daughters to have celebrated Father's Day for me like this....congratulations, it's a brilliant example of creative thinking.


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