World study tour

Jack Hanrahan must be one of the most 'connected' executives in the world of retail....along with his wonderful assistant Robyn Burgess, he runs Westfield's global study tours - 40 or so top level retailers scouring the world for best practice and innovation. I was therefore delighted to be invited to share my views on world retailing and effective leadership skills when his 'tour' made a flying visit to London.... and Jack kindly wrote:

"On behalf of Westfield, and the tour delegates, I would sincerely like to thank you for the presentation you gave to our group. As always you knocked them for six with your insights and I know they listened as “being chosen” is now part of their everyday lexicon. I have no hesitation in recommending Martin as a speaker who will make a difference and provide insights that have applications for 21st century retailers."

Jack was a great inspiration and supporter of mine when I started my second career writing and lecturing to world audiences - his kind words are particularly appreciated - thanks Jack.


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