Big thinking at the BIG lottery fund

Few people understand 'people' like Perry Timms. He's head of organisational development at The BIG Lottery Fund - the UK's largest distributor of lottery money - and is one of the best HR men I've ever had the pleasure to work with. Creative beyond normal parameters, I just love his energy and passion....those who elect to be ordinary in his presence eventually get swept-along in a tide of enthusiasm. I recently spoke to executives at his headquarters and Perry was kind enough to write me a note that included:
 "Martin Butler is a provocateur of the first order – and someone who shows us the world is about retailing, about customers, and about power – the power we have in our buying choices, our leadership choices and our personality choices….  he has such fascinating insight from those who’ve made successes out of leading in that most challenging, fast-paced and creative arena – ‘selling stuff’…… from talent management through to organisational change, it’s all made so relevant that  I can guarantee you’ll be better off from Martin’s wisdom and provocative delivery.  He’s perfected the art of being chosen himself, so maybe you could learn more than you think from him...! "

I feel as if I've won the lottery with an endorsement like this.....thanks Perry.