Airport Retail - the nonsense

Can anyone tell me why I have to show my boarding pass to buy anything at a UK airport - and indeed at many other airports around the world?

... and I don't want the palpably untrue explanations I get from the sales assistants about security or because of tax free concessions - I'm talking about why I have to show my boarding pass to buy magazines or suncream.

I suspect it's a data gathering initiative run by either the store or airport owners or both! And if my suspicions are true - I want to know if it is legal to demand this type and quantity of information purely for marketing purposes?

And if it is legal, it's certainly a hassle when I'm enjoying a coffee before flying and my kids want to pop off to buy some sweets at the newsagents - kids in possession of really important documents (boarding passes) don't mix well in time-sensitive, document critical, situations - telling the boarding gate official my children promised they wouldn't loose their boarding pass just doesn't cut-it I suspect! 


  1. My opinion to this issue is these vendors also have the right not to sell their goods if they want to. So either you will give them this information or buy someplace else.

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