Non-retail retailers

In Sydney this April, I was delighted to have been invited to speak to the Westfield shopping centre management Forum. The audience of over 100 executives came from every business function and my key objective was to highlight how world-class retailers think and operate around the world and also, how this might impact the non-retail-specific functions at Westfield. It was a grand ambition and I was delighted to receive a thank you note from Ian Cornell, boss of HR for this giant corporation.

He wrote: What we were looking to achieve was a “fast track” update on what’s working in the rapidly evolving world of retail. Martin Butler's exceptional content, and in particular, his unique perspective and retail insights received very positive feedback from our diverse group and Martin hit the mark with his engaging presentation style.

Martin has the ability to understand and interpret the subtleties of what really matters and to communicate to the audience the attributes that make a truly world class retailer.

As a retailer with a lifetime of experience this was praise indeed - thank you Ian.