Leadership: Defining the future

Marc Jones
I recently shared a speaking platform on 'Leadership' with Marc Jones, Associate Professor of Management, at Deakin University's Graduate School of Business in Melbourne. Marc was talking about the really big global issues and how these might inform best practice leadership...his grasp of just-about-everything was breathtaking. He was a difficult act to follow and I was therefore thrilled when he dropped me a note the other day:

"...Martin Butler's knowledge of retailing is encyclopedic. He is able to make the connections between the broadest trends shaping the global economy and your daily experience at the neighbourhood 7-Eleven in a clear and compelling manner...he combines wisdom and excitement in a unique take on leading edge retail knowledge and practice."

If you ever get the chance to hear Marc talk please grab it - I promise he'll open your mind!

Thanks Marc for an impressively thought provoking global perspective and a wonderful personal endorsement - it's much valued and appreciated.