Nice to be recognised by an authority!

Jack Smith
Jack Smith, founder of Sports Authority, America's first big-box sporting goods super-stores, was kind enough to write me a note following the New Zealand Retailers Association's April conference in Auckland.

We both shared the speaking platform with several of NZ's leading retailers. Jack enthralled the audience with his views on retailing in general and his own particular brand of what successful retail leadership looks like. The audience loved him and were fascinated to hear the challenges he faced when opening his first store right through to his retailing beliefs that allowed him to dominate the American sports retail market ....then going on to be a major retail player in Japan and now launching into China.

When Jack paid me the ultimate compliment by writing to me, I just knew I couldn't resist sharing it with my followers - a retailing legend and obvious authority on 'The art of being chosen' he said: ".....Martin Butler I must admit I was totally taken back with your presentation at the NZRA's conference. Your observations and comments of the various retailers from around the world and the way you presented them, made the long trip to NZ more than worthwhile. The only problem I had with your presentation was that the hour went by too fast! I also enjoyed reading your book and now recommend it to everybody I know in retail."

Thanks Jack...and for what it's worth I thought your presentation was sensational....trouble is I'm not an Authority like you!