New thinking in New Zealand

John Albertson, Chief Executive of the New Zealand Retailers Association, was kind enough to write a note thanking me for my part in his National Conference this April...I'm always delighted to hear from the boss of a conference and I thank John for his generous comments:

“Thank you, thank you, thank you, Martin Butler. Your presentation to our conference was the highlight of the day and I’m sure we sent the delegates away in a very positive frame of mind – thinking about how the consumer chooses them (or doesn’t, as the case may be)… get such a large sector of New Zealand retailing focused on their businesses in a different and totally constructive way, certainly met the objectives of the conference.”

During my week in New Zealand it became clear the people are honest, open and hard working.....and it was an absolute pleasure to meet some of the diligent retailers from this part of the world serving this wonderful nation - thank you for making me feel so at home...

...but I'm still going to be cheering loudly when we beat the All Blacks on their home turf in the Rugby World Cup later this year...some things are definately more important than retail!