Anthropologie's speaking garden - what kind of story is that?

Famed for venerating the softer, more spiritual things in life, I was truly overwhelmed by the vertical garden in Anthropologie's newest store in London's increasingly fashionable, Regents Street. On the advice of my daughter, Hannah (a home stylist), I visited this wonderful store. Its holistic, gentle experience, is about as soft-sell as I've come across in retail and I loved every detail of it - I wish them every success in what is, a tough, cynical world!  Certainly take a look at the website before you visit their stores and you'll understand what they mean when they say:  "...although you enjoy the clever details and fine craftsmanship of our products, you come to us for more than that. You come to escape and to connect, to spend time and to make time".
We are often reminded great retailers are story tellers and this store is a fine example. Speaking to Amy about the vertical garden, she told me it is fed from rainwater gathered and stored from the roof. She said that you can hear the garden at feeding time, murmuring with contentment as it's being fed - or is that just the noise of the water in the micro pipes - but I don't care, someones telling me a story that they believe and so do I.
Prince Charles, heir to the UK throne, is famed for talking to his plants ...this is the first time I've heard of them talking back! Please go visit Amy and her colleagues to hear more.