Reducing on-line returns!

If you're into on-line fashion and want to reduce 'returns', check out the web site - the invention was picked up by the BBC last year and has posted a video demonstration.

According to, on-line apparel retailers have the highest return rate in eCommerce. On average, the return rate is 11% for t-shirts; 25-35% for casual wear; and over 40% for fitted fashions. The return rate is higher for more expensive items. In countries like Germany, the average return rate for clothing is even higher - around 60 %. Most of the returns are due to bad fit.

The company is led by Heikki Haldre and Paul Pällin. Heikki has extensive experience in eCommerce. Paul Pällin is an innovation management expert with background in apparel mass-manufacturing - the company is in the final stages of launching a specialised female mannequin. The technical development is led by Alvo Aabloo, PhD, heading the Intelligent Materials and Systems Laboratory of Institute of Technology, University of Tartu, and Maarja Kruusmaa, PhD, heading the Center of Biorobotics at Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia - not often you get a couple of Doctors really into fashion fit!


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