I've seen the future -

Simon Jobling, an old client of mine and self appointed sports-mad aficionado, has morphed' into an Augmented Reality guru! OK, I have to confess he is a good buddy too. But he recently told me about his new career path as the main man for developing Augmented Reality into retailing throughout Europe.

I don't pretend to understand the technical things he told me ....but rather like his customers in real life, I was totally blown away by what he showed me! Have a look at some of his demo 'stuff' on his website or better still, just ping him an e-mail: simonj@m2end.co.uk and he'll chat you through what he can do.

It's early days for his company and (in my opinion) he needs to pay the going rate for some proper creativity on his own website but don't let that put you off - this AR geek is working wonders with a whole bunch big brand names who are developing jaw-dropping ideas with him and his team. As he says, "just take the whole AR idea and together we will let our minds run - customers love it."

From my research around the world, customers really do love this sort of thing - and not just the youngsters. It's new, fresh and totally product/experience enhancing.You really can do things 'in and out of store' you can't do with the real merchandise - that's got to be something of a first!

Best of luck Simon.