Certainly the best...

For many years Liberty, the wonderfully quirky department store in London, has been scouring the world discovering exciting, different and exclusive merchandise for its loyal customers. And completely in tune with this specialist brand positioning it offers its customers their own particular type of 'gift vouchers' - not pre-loaded plastic cards, not cardboard promissory notes but undoubtedly the finest gift tokens I've come across in my 35 years of observing retailing. They offer beautiful pieces of currency, beautifully cast from metal to resemble gold, silver and platinum coins. From £10 to £100, each coin feels very heavy, very precious and deliciously decadent, almost resembling a haul of treasure - brilliant, I love the whole idea.

Mirroring what the Liberty brand stands for, these gift coins, complete with gift pouches, don't feel like an IOU from someone who couldn't find the right thing to buy, but rather a perfect token of indulgence for someone deserving something very different. Certainly one of the best bits of retail thinking I've seen for a long time!