A letter from Oz.

It makes it all worthwhile when you get a letter from someone who gets it! Thanks Garry....

Dear Martin,

I wish to thank you and applaud you on the lecture you recently gave at the Australian retail congress. Over the last decade I have attended literally hundreds of presentations in the USA, UK, Europe and Asia from a range of speakers addressing nearly all aspects of fashion and retail.

Your topic “The art of being chosen – secrets of success from the giants of retail” was interesting and informative, and a great summary of what retail is really all about. Your knowledge and reference to the Australian market place, the way you detailed your six retail “secrets” and the manner in which you engaged the audience and got them working with you all contributed to a very entertaining and educational talk.

As the Director of one of Australia’s leading Search and Recruitment firms that focus solely on the Retail and Fashion industries, Secret 3 was of particular interest. The recognition of people in retail - including attraction, growth and retention of the best – is what our business is all about. In my opinion, you nailed it – your observations and lessons were spot on.

I will watch out for your upcoming book, and I look forward to keeping an eye out for you at future conferences as I would love to see you again and hear some more.

Best wishes
Garry Connell

Trak Recruiting Pty Ltd.