Melbourne stop-over on my way home

I was delighted to be invited by Bernie Brookes, CEO of Myer department stores, to give his senior mangement an executive de-brief of my new book. It was a fun and lively session lasting almost 90 minutes and there was a healthy debate about some of my secrets of success - which is exactly what they are designed to do....challenge the status quo, stimulate thought and push retail creativity. I just managed to get out of the city before melt down when the grand final of the two top teams of Australian rules football (meaning no rules as far as I'm concerned) was about to start. I do like Melbourne, I love the quirky atmosphere blending effortlessly with modern society - and I especially enjoy the local governments firm stance on sustainability. If you ever get the chance have a look at their City Hall - or whatever they call it. Melbourne is a great place with great retailing!