Great feedback from the great and the good of global retailing

It's always nerve-racking launching a new book - its even more nerve-racking waiting to hear back from people who have been featured in the book. But to date I have been delighted with the comments recieved, here are a few as of mid October:

"Another gem from Martin Butler – required reading for anyone looking for retail success.” Sir Stuart Rose, Chairman and CEO, Marks & Spencer (UK & international)

“A book to be congratulated for the quality of its research and the light it has shone into many of the world’s leading retail Corporations.” Jesus Echevarria, CCO Inditex (incl. Zara) (Global)

“This book is like getting the world’s leading retailers to help you run your shop…” Ian Cheshire, Group CEO Kingfisher (UK & International)

"Learning from the great entrepreneurs of our time, if I'd read this book when I started out I think our success would have been greater and faster." Jack Smith, founder, The Sports Authority. (USA, Japan & China)

“An accomplished and thought provoking piece of innovative global research - effortlessly unlocking the secrets behind many of the world’s most successful retailers.” Terry Green, CEO Fashion, Tesco (Global)

“A must read for anyone who cares about customer perception, market differentiation and effective leadership.” Len Roberts former CEO, Radio Shack (USA)

“I found this book to be superbly focused and very succinct!” Jeremy Hobbins, Li & Fung (Great China)

“I am particularly impressed with the collection of shared experiences from industry leaders; each with an in-depth perspective and varied approach to retail.” Casey Lim, COO, Sprint-Cass (Singapore)

"Insightful, illuminating and inspiring. A must-read for anyone interested in the dynamics of the retail industry." Michael Kok, Group CEO, Dairy Farm. (Greater China)

“It’s a terrific read!” Mike Gould, Chairman & CEO, Bloomingdales. (USA)

“If you can't learn from this book perhaps you shouldn't be in retailing or you've been in it too long!” Hugh Perrett, founder, Pak 'N Save. (New Zealand)

“The big attraction about this book is you can digest a lot of great information in bite-sized chunks. It’s as sweet as the chocolate on the cover!” Hugh Harvey, Managing Director, Comet. (UK)

"A fund of information and insights presented in an engaging manner and guaranteed to resonate deeply with retailers. When you put the book down, you have gained years of experience” Bijou Kurien, Former COO, Watch & Clock Division, Titan Industries. (India)