AOCS - 7th World Conference, Switzerland

7th World Conference on Detergents in Montreux

I'm delighted to announce a new speaking engagement at the 7th World Conference on Detergents in Montreux, Switzerland for the prestigious AOCS, Oct 4-7 2010. I shall be talking about all aspects of retailing and drawing on my 2 year global research programme conducted for my, soon to be launched, new book: 'The art of being chosen'. Here's the link:

Here's what I'm going to talk about at 11.00am on the 6th Oct:

The art of being chosen

Today one of the largest and most successful businesses on the planet is a retailer -40 years ago it almost went bust.

Since growing up working in my parents’ shop, I’ve always wondered what it takes to be a success. In particular, a successful retailer. So I decided to find out who’s doing what, and how it’s done around the world.

Face-to-face and over the last couple of years, I’ve interviewed nearly 100 of the world’s leading retailers across every continent. Throwing considerable light on many issues, I’ve found ‘retail is simple, but it ain’t easy’ - and most would agree.

Often the difficulty is perceived as delivering the right merchandise at the right price. But I’ve found the retailers who enjoy the most success tend to concentrate their efforts on the softer issues, the issues that require careful stewardship of others’ emotions.

And at the risk of stating the ‘blindingly obvious’, I’ve also found there are as many facets to retail success as there are visionary leaders. No surprise there. But what I’ve particularly noticed is the mechanics tend, to a greater or lesser extent, to cluster into six thought-processes or understandings – there may have been more but I didn’t notice them. So as a former adman at ease with hyperbole, I decided to call my observations: ‘The six secrets of success.’

In Montreux I’ll tell you what these secrets are.

But being chosen is the first and for me, the very essence of all commercial success - fortunately something Wal-Mart came to terms with 40 years ago.